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stainless steel filter housings and elements

Stainless Steel Filter Housings and High Pressure Elements make these the Filter of Choice for Extreme Environments

High pressure filter assemblies from Swift-JB International have been proven for over 25 years in applications in the extreme environments of the offshore oil/subsea industry. The all stainless steel housing and stainless steel metal felt filter elements or wedge wire filter elements offer clear advantages over other filter assemblies for demanding applications.

  • Greater service life than other filter materials
  • Easy to clean to restore original performance
  • High particle removal efficiency with low flow resistance
  • Ability of filter elements to withstand differential pressure of 4,500 PSID (310 bar)
  • Exceptionally high surface area filter elements
  • All stainless steel construction; standard 304 stainless steel. (316, 17-4PH, Hastelloy® and others are available)
  • Four standard sizes
  • Up to 20,000 PSI (1378 bar) operating pressures
  • Δp and mounting hardware available
  • Available with and without internal bypas
  • Flow rates up to 120 gpm (454 lpm)
  • Temperatures from -10°F to 500°F (-73°C to 260°C) with appropriate seals

FJV-3 Series Filter Assemblies

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FJV-5N Series Filter Assemblies

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Low Pressure Housings

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